Feeling comfortable with undergarment choices

I met a friend who also happens to be a client for lunch this week. As we talked about a variety of subjects including my latest style obsessions, she asked me what kind of panties I recommended for overall comfort and zero panty lines. I loved the subject because wearing pretty panties do boost my mood.

Panties come in a variety of fabrics, like cotton, lace, modal, satin and silk, and personal preference will dictate which fabric a woman will gravitate to. I grew up wearing the standard cotton Jockey briefs, and eventually transitioned to the ever-popular Victoria’s Secret cotton bikini in my teens and 20’s. Then I had kids, and everything changed, including how well my underwear fit my derriere.

I discovered that each style – bikini, thong, hipster, girl shorts – sometimes required a different size. A medium size worked for most of the styles and a large thong solved my zero panty lines issue. I have tried many different brands from stores like Macy’s Nordstrom, and lingerie boutiques.

However, in my opinion, the most comfortable panties and pretty come from Gap Body.

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