A Style Makeover begins with a desire to show up in the world in a new way.

This is a process that can begin with small steps such as a color assessment, closet edit, and personal shopping.

These steps can lead to a life-changing and more fulfilling appreciation for yourself.

You will gain a fresh outlook on life with more energy and confidence.

When you stand in your true essence, the world will take notice.

Start your Style Makeover today!

Style Makeover with personal color palette

Color + Style Formula (C+SF)

In this 3-hour foundational appointment, we will spend the first 30 minutes discussing and reviewing Your Vivid Style in-take questionnaire. This will help guide us when creating a wardrobe reflective of your essence. We will incorporate your individual personality, style, lifestyle and professional goals. During the next 2-hours I will create a Personal Color palette, pulling from over 2,000 colors. You will receive a palette with 17 color sticks (approx. 85 colors) based on your skin-tone, hair and eye color. In addition to the palette, you will receive a “Color Cues” guide which outlines the non-verbal message of each of your colors. During the remaining 30 minutes of our appointment, I will take your body measurements and show you illustrations of the fits and cuts that flatter your body shape and proportion.


Add-on: Curious about what prints and patterns resonate with your look and style? Add 1.5 hours to any of the sessions and receive a reference guide to include celebrity doppelganger, flower that represents facial features, and sample prints/patterns.

Style makeover with Jenny Bailey, AICI personal shopping

Closet Edit

With your Color + Style Formula (C+SF) in hand, we will edit your closet for maximum functionality, easy ways to find joy in getting dressed, and bring value back into your wardrobe investment. We will re-discover what items work well, and which no longer serve you. I will ask that you try on your clothes so you can begin to see what colors, styles and fits work best for you. During this process we can determine which items can be altered, consigned or donated. We will also create a shopping list of missing items that would make a great addition to your wardrobe. I will provide a list of retailers/e-tailors and brands that best align with your personal style and budget.


Please Note: Closets sized at 6 feet wide by 2.5 feet deep with one shelf or smaller can be edited in three hours. Closets larger than this measurement may need one or two additional sessions, depending on size, to complete the editing process.

Style Makeover cute striped shoes

Personal Shopping

I will pre-shop for you based on your Color + Style Formula (C+SF) and budget. We will determine which shopping location works best for you. Pre-shopping gives you a curated selection of items based on your colors, fit, style and preferences. It helps save time and reduces stress. Once the clothes are pulled and put on hold for you, we will schedule a session for you to try on these items and determine which are the best for you and your wardrobe. This session is 3 to 4 hours and clothes are pulled from up to 3 stores. During this process you will learn how to be a strategic shopper, refine your eye for color and fit, and be empowered to select pieces that work for you.


Please Note: Consignment Shopping and Online Shopping are available for a separate fee.

style makeover for outfit creation

Outfit Creation

Combine, remix, update your wardrobe with existing and new pieces that represent your style essence and support your goals. I will create and photograph 15 to 30 outfits with accessories for your reference. Depending on your preference, a digital lookbook/style app/iPhone/iPad can store your looks. I will also maintain a copy. This is the time to “test-drive” your new looks. You can try on your outfits and ask questions. Sessions are typically a 2 to 4-hour time investment.

Personal Essentials

Once we establish the Color + Style Formula (C+SF) and wardrobe, it’ll be time to discuss the personal essentials. This is a one-hour add on to any of the services you book with YVS. We will discuss your hair style and color; make-up colors and application; and how to accessorize outfits with inherent jewelry. Inherent jewelry is designed with your personal colors and face shape and structure in mind. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece just for you.

Styling for Men

I’ve heard men say they don’t like shopping.​ Personally, I’ve seen many men thoroughly enjoy shopping for cars, electronics, golf clubs and wine. What I think they really mean is they don’t like shopping for clothes. I can completely understand their frustration. Trying to find clothes that fit and are comfortable without expending a lot of time can be exhausting. I help men find clothes that fit, are stylish, and communicate their personal essence. We can start with the Color + Style Formula (C+SF), Closet Edit and Personal Shopping. I also style men in J.Hilburn – Men’s Made-to-Measure Luxury Clothing (suits, shirts, trousers, polos, and denim) at an Exceptional Value.

J.Hilburn Men's Collection
style makeover for travel packing

Travel Packing

Whether you are traveling to a work conference, class reunion, or on a family vacation, I can help pull together a well-coordinated capsule wardrobe for your trip. If we’ve worked together before, and I know your colors and style, this session will take two hours. If we are meeting for the first time, session will take an additional one or two hours.


Workshops are engaging and interactive. Intended for professional organizations, employee training or social gatherings. A combination of live examples, hands-on exercises, and practical information provided.


Topics include:

  • Strategies for Professional Dress in the Workplace
  • What You Wear Matters: Align your style with your business goals
  • How to dress for work and feel polished and confident in 10 minutes.
  • Professional Behavior + Presence
  • Brunch + Style


For examples of previous presentations and workshops, visit here.

style makeover for family portrait

Photo/Video Styling Session

You’re ready to take a professional headshot for your website, LinkedIn profile or business card and don’t know where to begin. I can help. I have relationships with the most amazing photographers, make-up artists and hair stylists. Once you have that covered, I will style you in your personal essence colors and styles. You will radiate confidence and poise in every shot! Styling and any necessary shopping will take 2 hours and you will have 3 outfits ready to go.

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Discover how ​color and ​style can positively influence your personal and professional life. Let’s create new systems and outfits to make getting dressed so much simpler.